Data Base Migrations

SysViewSoft has concerned for attend the growing demand of clients that decides migration of RDBMS, collaborating with experience and tools, fundamentally for accomplishment with certain facility of data base migration process of several providers. SysViewSoft eliminates the existent complexity with automation of activities without affecting the differences in characteristics and functionality between both RDBMS.

With our advisory and support, we support organizations since initial phase until the phase where the production processes starts to exploit the facilities of the new data base manager. Our clients express their total satisfaction with the used methodology and successfull results.

SysViewSoft automation tools speed up the conversion of complex and full data base schemes , minimizing the time of activities and the risk of mistakes done by manual intervention. Again we demonstrate the quality control that we demand of our products.

An automatic procedure perform access, analyze and transforms the source RDBMS data dictionary to its respective equivalent on target RDBMS. It generates a report of non-existent elements on target RDBMS that was not converted from the source RDBMS:

  1. Objects
  2. Storage
  3. Security
  4. Directories
  5. Libraries
  6. Java
  7. Web

RDBMS and versions supported.

  1. DB2 Z/OS V7
  2. DB2 Z/OS V8
  3. DB2 LUW V8
  4. DB2 LUW V9
  5. Oracle 9i
  6. Oracle 10g
  7. Oracle 11g