A Rehosting process has the objective of migrating source application to a new platform avoiding at most, any change to the code (programs, procedural lenguage, components). Rehosting exploits the usage of clon products equivalent in functionality to Transaction Servers and Job Schedulers like CICS and JES; see elements of change; for a more detailed reading of the software elements availables in market for implementation over Unix platforms.

SysViewSoft uses Clones from third party providers:

  • TPE (Transaction Processing Environment) of Clerity
  • MicroFocus Mainframe Express

Advantages of Mainframe ReHosting:

  • The original value of source code is preserved.
  • Acquisition of new technologies at lower cost.
  • Mainframe environment substitution.
  • Optimal Performance.
  • Standard and equivalent conversion.
  • Professional training to technical resources is minimal.

Migration methodologies: Mainframe ReHosting
The working philosophy used by SysViewSoft for implementation of solutions in application migration is the AUTOMATION. During our course, in SysViewSoft we have been adding to our working strategies Automation tools, with the purpose of perform in an automatic way the several conversion processes:

  • Program conversion (Cobol, Rexx, Assembler, SQL, etc.).
  • JCL conversion to Unix shell scripts.
  • Data set conversion (different organizations).
  • Data base migration.

All these conversions managed for only one product: SysViewSoft Suite, who has as mainly functions, services like: language conversion, System Information Mapping (application mining), versions change control, helpdesk, ETL and project administration.

Benefits of using automation tools
An important factor is the excellent performance of SysViewSoft as organization, in software design and development (tools), that we employ in the migration automation processes, because the advantage of having owned tools. The results are, flexibility and guarantee of quality in process where it is used. Some of the multiple benefits obtained by our clients:

Warranty that programs, procedures, scripts, screens and every element of the application are converted . These conversion elements follow standards; they are treated and touched in atomic units, for only one process and maintaning with unique programming style.

We guarantee that orginal logic of application elements is saved without any kind of modification, therefore, its functionality is preserved during conversion process.

Time Reduction and Savings.
The majority of the project time is addressed to application migration analysis and automation tools adjustment. Once the adjustment is achieved, the tools are applied to all the elements, obtaining immediate results.

Limited Human Resources.
The number of IT personnel involved in this kind of project, is reduced in quantitative form, but increased in qualitative so far, limiting people to perform application testings and application deployment to production environment.

Automated Documentation.
For programs, the source instructions that should be replaced for a UNIX equivalent, are only commented. These are not eliminated for knowledge and documentation of the steps followed by conversion tool. The reporting tools, provide us information at execution time to fill project general documentation. This project information is delivered to our clients at the end of the project in electronic media.