Technical Support

We attend to your needs in an efficient and quick way, ensuring that our IT specialists involved on support, encourage and drive to success on our clients projects, utilizing their high qualified skills and experience to provide optimal solutions on multiplatform and complex environments:

  1. Technological Strategies and Advisory.
  2. HW/SW Capacity Planning.
  3. Operating System and Data Base Installation and Upgrade.
  4. Operating System and Data Base Administration.
  5. High Availavility Implementation.
  6. Performance and Tuning.
  7. CRM, ERP, BI Technologies.
  8. Web Technologies.
  9. Automation Systems.

Technological Strategies and Advisory.
We help you with our experience, talent and vision in order to determine the best strategy for implementation of Information technology solutions.   

HW/SW Capacity Planning.
We employ analysis and projection techniques based on the recommended best practices of HW/SW vendors. Thiese techniques help us in determining the system's required initial capacity and gradual growth.

Operating System and Data Base Installation and Upgrade.
We plan and perform installation, customization and maintenance of Infrastructure Software that support the solutions.

Operating System and Data Base Administration.
Consultants with international experience on projects,  software property of industry leaders, heterogeneous and very complex environments and top companies demanding high quality of services related to administration and technical support.

High Availavility Implementation.
We positioning our clients in a Real Non-stop scheme;  exploiting HW/SW facilities developed by IT leaders in clustering, partitioning and data sharing tecnologies.

Performance and Tuning.
We apply deep knowledge in externals and internals issues related to HW/SW, with the purpose of tuning the performance of systems, components and applications.

CRM, ERP, BI Technologies.
We satisfy the constant demand of IT specialists dedicated to implement and support the new technologies involved nowadays in the operation of successfull companies all over the world.

Web Technologies.
Advisory and technical support for Web technologies and applications. Infrastructure, developmnet, monitoring and tuning components.

Automation Systems.
We solved the problem related with productivity and quality reduction of IT personnel performance, due to execution of daily, complex tasks and others that require more training. We buil automation systems that establish controls, , thresholds and process:

  • SW Installation and Migration    
  • Application Conversion
  • Systems Administration
  • Systems Monitoring