Sistemas y Migraciones Informaticas (SMI)
The technical resources from former company SMI, represent the core of migration specialists for MainFrame migrations and they worked for CONTROL DATA DE MEXICO, S.A., a company that led the mainframe market on 70's. Since the retirement of CDM of competition in the year 2000, there arises a need to perform multiple application migration projects for the Web. The participation of specialist team was as independent consultants. Since May 1999 there emerged Sistemas y Migraciones Informaticas, .S.C. who integrated immediately all migration specialists and establishes technical support relationships with partners in different disciplines and commercial agreements with the biggest companies involved on services integration.



Subsequently SysViewSoft, is a company that incorporates into its services portfolio , the distribution and marketing of its own software and Business Partners, important companies like Sybase and Onsofttech. Later the integration of Consultanting and Outsourcing services complete the wide list of diversified services that we provide.

Sysviewsoft unifies knowledge, technology and vision to offer exceptional services to our clients, based on automation concepts that were the fundamentals of the company.