Artech is the leading provider of knowledge-based software development tools.Genexus

More than 6,000 customers worldwide use the GeneXus Technologies to create and integrate mission-critical applications that adapt easily to relentless business change. The GeneXus Technologies enable our customers to use their unique know-how on the leading technology platforms.

Artech Products.

  • Genexus.
  • BPM & Worflow.
  • Bussines Intellingence.
  • GxPortal.
  • GxServer.
  • GxTest.


GeneXus is a powerful, multi-platform software design and development tool that enables truly incremental development of business critical applications..
GeneXus generates 100% of the application based on your user requirements, providing programming-free, automatic maintenance of your application’s database and application programs.

Key Benefits .

  • Slash time-to-market.
  • Enjoy minimum total cost of ownership with maximum flexibility.
  • Increase Productivity .
  • Minimize Risks.
  • Optimum flexibility for a smaller total cost.
  • Focus on your core competences.
  • Generate and deploy your applications on multiple platforms.
  • Leverage your existing IT infrastructure.
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