Migration Technology

The engine that motivates Mainframe Migration projects and Rehosting is based on necessity of IT areas for reducing operational costs without affecting fundamental elements like functionality, performance and operational availability.

SysViewSoft has more than 15 years of experience in the Migrations Market from Mainframe applications to Open systems; Mainframe IBM, Wangs, Control Data have been the central point of our technology developments: Automation Tools.

The application migration to new technologies that support the enterprise development and reduces operative costs ( Hardware and Software ), is a fairly common practice all over the world. Legacy applications can be migrated to Open Systems with relative facility. The success consist both of usage of “migration automation tools” and an “accurate strategy” that allow us to accomplish the migration process.

The process of applications migration considers porting all the elements that comprises the systems on current platform, maintaining original functionality, trying to avoid any change to original application code.

There are a lot of benefits of using automation tools. We can ensure a major control of the repetitive activities in time and form, also for change control administration, we invest time and efforts in the fine steps of the project.