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GeneXus is the first intelligent tool for automatically creating, developing and maintaining multi-platform, mission critical applications that can be easily adapted to changes in the business and the new opportunities provided by technological evolution.
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Unit in charge of assignment of IT specialists to clients, Consultancy and Project Integrators with the purpose of participating in several development and technical support projects.
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Technical Support
We attend your needs in an efficient and quickest way, ensuring that our IT specialists involved on support, encourage and drive to success the client projects, exploiting their high qualified skills and experience giving solutions on multiplatform and complex environments: Advisory and Strategy on Technical Solutions, HW/SW Capacity Planning, Operating System and Data Base SW Installation, Upgrade and Administration, High Availability Implementation, Performance and Tuning, CRM-ERP-BI Technologies, Web Technologies and Systems Automation.
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Professional Training
Professional training of talents for IBM zSeries. The objective of IBM zSeries programming academy, consists that participants acquire the basic knowledge for executing in a productivity application development environment using TSO, ISPF, JCL, Cobol, SQL and CICS for interaction with DB2 data base and CICS transaction server.
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Software Factory
We develop and implement Ad-hoc solutions according to client requeriments, using forefront products and arquitectures . Thus we have the ability to optimize the results on Centralized and Open Systems implementations .
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